How Do You Define Love? Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Loves Differently

What IS love, anyway?

Is it the way your heart flutters when that special someone walks into a room? Is it the way he understands you better than ANYONE else?

Who you are, your personality traits and your likes and dislikes are all important factors in how you define love — and your horoscope can play a part, too.

If you’re curious, here is a breakdown of how each astrology sign defines love in their own unique way. Read more

The One Thing NO ONE Should Underestimate About Your Zodiac Sign

No doubt about it.

Let’s face it. No matter how hard a person tries, there’s a point when judgmental thinking creeps in.

Sometimes a person can judge someone else by how they look, or how they sound. But when you’re in a relationship — either at work or at home — there’s a point when someone thinks that they have got you all sized up.

There’s no bigger mistake than to underestimate a person.

So keep reading to find out what others should not ever underestimate about you — according to you zodiac sign.

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The #1 Reason The Opposite Gender Finds You Attractive

You have that certain something that people can’t resist.

What makes you attractive? Do you have a great body, a fantastic smile, and a lovely face? Is it all of that and more? Are there qualities that you possess that go beyond how you look, and could your attractiveness be more about your inner characteristics and how you make people feel than the way you look?

You may be wildly confident about yourself or you might not know the qualities you have that are attractive. You might not be fully aware of the things that aren’t on the surface that make you attractive.

However, astrology can help you out and can tell you exactly what it is that attracts people to you, based on your zodiac sign.

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