The Kind Of Woman He Falls For HARD, According To His Zodiac Sign

He’s toast if you are his kind of woman.

One of the things astrology can do is to give us a few clues about what types of people men and woman are attracted to, and the types they’ll ultimately choose when it comes to a long-term relationship. Sometimes the stars seem to know more about people than they know themselves.

The stars can help you when it comes to the kind of woman a man falls for. I’m not suggesting you change yourself to make someone fall for you hard, but if you’re that kind of woman anyway, you know that you’ve got a better shot at him letting down his defenses and falling for you.

What kind of woman does he fall hard for, according to his zodiac sign?

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How He Shows He Respects And Loves You, According To His Zodiac Sign

We all want to be respected.

We want to feel respected by all those we meet in our lives, and the social contract is that respect is what we show to those who are older and more learned than we are — meaning respecting our teachers, religious leaders, and our elders. It also never hurts to show respect to whoever we meet (it’s always a good idea to show respect to strangers).

Many times, the showing of respect is very clear, but other times it can be murky. We all have different ways we show respect and different ways we perceive it.

If you’re unsure that your partner respects you, astrology can help you figure that out. Here’s how a man shows respect, based on his zodiac sign.

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Your WORST Hard-To-Break Habit, According To Your Zodiac Sign

It’s okay, we’ve all got some strange habits.

We all have habits — some are healthy ones and others are nasty ones. Habits are, by their nature, hard to quit and often you have to get help to quit them. Patches, hypnosis, and therapy are all methods to break bad habits. And it can be just as difficult to develop healthy habits.

With a habit, you’re training yourself to behave in such a way. Perhaps on New Year’s you promise yourself that you’ll go to the gym more regularly. Now, you might swear that you’re going to do it the next day, but then you put if off until it loses its importance.

Some habits are very specific to the individuals and others may look at them as not a big deal. For example, maybe you chew your hair or bite your cuticles. The truth is, you’re the only one who’ll suffer the consequences from those actions.

With that, here are your hard-to-break habits, based on your zodiac sign.

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