How Your Zodiac Sign Acts When They’re REALLY Depressed

Even the stars know when you’re depressed.

If you’re into astrology and zodiac signs, you know the general traits and mannerisms for each sign, especially your own. You know what makes you tick, your negative and positive tendencies, and even what kind of sex positions you enjoy.

This might take some time, but once you go to yourself first for consolation and try some introspection, you can learn how to manage your emotions around others and even figure out what makes you feel better in times of stress or sadness, helping you bounce back quicker and better than ever

We know you’re curious, so see how your sign reacts to feelings of sadness and what being depressed feels like:

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Here’s The Zodiac Sign You SHOULD Be Dating

Think you’re dating the right person? You might be right.

Let’s face it. Dating is hard. The pool of single guys and gals are few and far between. It can be extremely tedious and disheartening as you not only look for your SO out there, but even trying to maintain a healthy balance in your current relationship can be extremely difficult.

Here’s a list of the 12 zodiac signs and their best dating traits, so you can find out who best suits you in the long run.

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How You Act In A Meaningful Relationship, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Each sign loves with a passion.

The initial attraction to another person can send any person into a frenzy. Those movies and TV shows don’t lie, you know. Our minds get all jumbled up as we try to impress that new person.

The way we approach someone we like says a lot about our personality. Some try to act cool but only end up looking foolish most of the time. Others are able to maintain that cool exterior, no matter the nervous feelings they get. And others are just really that confident.

One way to figure this out is by knowing the dominant personality of their sign. Find out how each zodiac sign acts in a relationship and treats their significant other.

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Your Absolute WORST Quality, According To Your Zodiac Sign

No sign is innocent.

Many people love reading their horoscopes because it helps them gain insight into particular situations or circumstances that they currently find themselves in.

Looking to the stars to learn a bit more about yourself is a great tool on the path to self-discovery. Each zodiac sign has their own dominant personalities that make people admire them. We play these strengths all the time and that is what lures some people to be our friend… or pushes them away.

Our weaknesses are part of who we are and we can choose to either embrace them or change them. Here are each zodiac’s worst qualities.

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