The REAL Underlying Cause Of Your Anxiety, Per Your Zodiac Sign

What is the cause of your anxiety?

Anxiety is a huge part of our lives. Everybody seems to have at least a little bit of anxiety, and many of us have a huge amount. You may be someone who frequently has anxiety attacks, someone who never gets them or someone who has one very rarely.

Having a moderate amount of anxiety isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it can help you stay alert, focused, incite you to act, and help motivate you to discover a solution to an immediate problem. It’s when you’re always in an anxious state that can interfere with your life.

We all have triggers that can instigate anxiety but it’s helpful to discover what the basic cause of your anxiety is. If you have more than what seems like a normal amount of anxiety, it’s a good idea to see a doctor. In the meantime, check out what the stars suggest could be the underlying cause of your anxiety, based on your zodiac sign.

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